Do you worry about your finances and feel that no matter how hard you work or what you do there’s never enough money to cover your expenses let alone do the things you really want to do like starting your own business or traveling? It’s a concern for many women at midlife. After all there are always bills to pay and the need to save for retirement and that college fund.

Money issues are overwhelming and generate tons of stress. And stress takes a toll on your life, health and happiness. That’s because stress and the cortisol it generates has a negative impact on your body and brain. It can lead to weight gain, especially around the middle; keep you from feeling centered and peaceful; and stop you from having fun and living up to your full potential.

Whether you have money issues or just want to create more abundance in your life, I recommend that you start using these ten easy exercises to help you shift your money mindset. I give these exercises to all my clients and assure you that doing them daily will shift your money mindset and help you to tune into the abundance that is all around you.

  1. Start a prosperity journal

Everyday give yourself $1,000 + the previous days allowance to spend any way you wish. So on day 1 you get $1,000. On day 2 you get $2,000 and on day 3 you get $3,000. You have to spend it, so think big and dream about what you would do if you had an unlimited money tree growing in the back yard.


  1. Put $100 in your wallet.

As you go through your day notice all the ways you could spend it. Notice how much richer you feel.


  1. Set an intention

Set an intention to shift your perspective, resolve your habitual pattern of worrying about money, and allow abundance to flow into your life.


  1. Change focus

When you start to experience scarcity mentality (the sense of lack that’s so common in our society) trade it for an abundance mentality. Lighten up. Don’t take things so seriously. Instead of lack, focus on and give thanks for all that you have. Really experience all the emotions and luxurious feelings associated with enjoying what you have — a warm bed, your car, people you love who love you back, delicious meals…

When you appreciate the good in your life the things in your life appreciate!


  1. Make a list

Write down all the things you want (material as well as what you want to happen). Believe you are worthy of receiving them.


  1. Use positive affirmations

Repeat the following affirmation throughout the day: I am expanding in love, success and abundance and I am inspiring others to do the same.


  1. Get organized

If you’re feeling chaotic and stressed it may be because things are out of order. Clean your house, get rid of what you no longer use and order your computer files.


  1. Unplug

Adverting and the media intentionally generate a scarcity mentality to get you to buy products and services. To avoid these downward spiraling distractions turn off the tube or record your favorite shows and skip the commercials. Rather than watching TV read inspiring books, view educational videos or hang out with friends who have a positive vibe.


  1. Give

A great way to tell the universe that you are enjoying abundance is to share the wealth. Donate to your favorite charity, volunteer for an organization or simply love and appreciate those around you.


  1. Pay attention

Pay attention to all the manifestations occurring in your life that are demonstrating you are worthy of and lined up with more abundance.


When you free yourself from money fears and worries you create the ability to do what you want and truly enjoy doing it. That’s bliss, and it’s what you deserve!

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