images I’m enjoying the last few weeks of summer before it’s time to plunge into the fall. With two kids off to college and a packed calendar that includes a Self-love Challenge starting September 2nd (you can join HERE,) I’m using a variety of tools to stay positive and joyful and not worry.

This time of year can trigger worry for children and adults. Anxious feelings are normal and expected during times of transition and change like back to school.

On the outside worry is about dealing with survival issues—will I be able to pay my bills, have a place to live, will others love me… On the inside worry questions your self-worth—am I good enough, smart enough, attractive enough…

Worry can loop in your mind draining you of joy and making you feel powerless and stressed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five tips to help you transform worry:

  1. Stop ruminating

When you notice you’re chewing in issue over and over in your mind say STOP, picture a Stop sign or make the gesture of stop with your hand.

  1. Act

Let worry motivate you to take action. Rather than worrying problem solve and plan. Write down all the ways you could address what’s worrying you, than do one thing on your list.

  1. Address the basics

No one copes well with worry if they’re hungry, tired or stressed. Make sure you’re eating right, getting enough rest and enjoying activities that help you unwind. If you’re worried about your health or weight, don’t diet. Dieting doesn’t work and it increases stress. Listen to your body and eat small, healthy meals that contain plenty of veggies throughout the day to stay fueled.

  1. Be content

Count your blessings, keep your thoughts positive and focus on what you DO want, not what you don’t.

  1. Get help

When times feel challenging there’s always help available. Ask for Divine guidance and look for signs that will help you determine your next steps. Talk to a good friend or someone who can help you take care of what’s troubling you.

  1. Practice Self-compassion

As soon as you notice you’re worrying turn towards yourself with love. Give yourself a hug or put your hand on your heart and offer some encouraging words such as: “May I be safe, may I be peaceful, may I accept myself as I am,” or “Everything is going to work out fine.”


Need help learning to love yourself? Click HERE to join the 5-Day Self-love Challenge.

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