Judy Arazoza is a wife and mother who has been married to her prom date for 38 years. She has four adult children. And have five grandchildren. When she became an empty nester Judy, decided to take on fitness as a project to pay it forward. Before kids she was a Respiratory Therapist and an Adjunct Respiratory Care Instructor. She had a desire to improve the lives of others in a health realm, this time in preventive health and become a certified trainer and certified nutrition coach. She felt a calling to work with women who struggle with healthy living. She quickly realized that physical fitness could not happen without mental fitness. And so she took it a step further, and decided to include overall life balance and fitness with physical fitness being a part of a whole fitness approach with my clients. Today, Judy gives women over 40 confidence and energy by emphasizing that body positivity and health come in many shapes and sizes. Her primary goal is to improve the lives of others by uplifting women through awareness, physical activity, and embracing an attitude of gratitude.