imagesYour thoughts influence your attitudes and behavior. Improving the quality of your thoughts will improve the quality of your life. Just like you clean your house you can declutter your mind. You can remove mental blocks—those negative thoughts and feelings—that keep you from success and happiness.


There are numerous techniques and ways to do this. Here are 3 of my favorites:

  1. Connect with positive people

Surround yourself with happy, optimistic people and limit contact with negative people. Spend more time with friends and co-workers who make you feel good about yourself and life. Try to have at least one upbeat conversation everyday. If you have to deal with negative people limit the amount of time you spend with them and don’t be afraid to set external and internal boundaries.

  1. Be mindful

Let go of the past and don’t fret about the future. Focus on the NOW where true happiness lives. To learn how to ground your awareness in the present moment click HERE.

Letting go gives us freedom, & freedom is the only condition for happiness. —Thich Nhat Hanh

  1. Watch your thoughts

We have thousands of thoughts everyday. In fact our minds are hardwired to wander, to scan the past and future for threats and danger and make us sad. While we don’t have control over what crosses our mind, we can chose what to focus on and what to let go. Here’s an easy technique that will help you learn how to do watch and let go of thoughts.

Close your eyes. Search your mind for a minute or two and notice any thoughts or feelings that arise. To introduce the concept say to yourself: “I seem to be thinking about____.” As a thought comes up name it by the central person, object or emotion it contains. Remind yourself the thought happened in the past. Then let it go. Repeat several times a day and soon clearing your mind will become a habit like brushing your teeth.

Keeping your mind positive starts with you. You have a choice. Choose happy, positive thoughts and make a decision to feel good about yourself and your life. A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind.

Want help identify your mind blocks? Contact me HERE to set up a Complimentary Compass Coaching session focusing on finding freedom.



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