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Find the Courage and Midlife Mojo to Live Your Life for You!: Sheree Clark & Marina Tselner

Jan 18, 2023

Midlife is a crazy roller coaster. It can feel like you are doing everything for everyone else but you. Whether it’s as a parent, partner, or employee, it’s so easy to lose ourselves in our roles. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can access your courage in numerous ways and take small steps to boost your confidence. The result, is that you will feel more joyful, energized, and empowered. Today’s show will help you find the courage to live your most authentic life.

I’m dishing with Midlife Courage Coach Sheree Clark who will share her recipe and secrets for creating an authentic fulfilling life.

Then later in the show get ready to feel inspired because I’m talking with artist and creator Marina Tselner who will share how she uses art to heal, stay creative, and connect with your authentic self.

It’s going to be a fun, informative show that will help you to Rock Your Midlife!

More About My Guests

Sheree Clark

Sheree Clark

Sheree Clark is a Midlife Courage Coach, television show host, inspiring speaker and accomplished author. Sheree has written and presented on topics ranging from finding your passion to overcoming career burnout. Her Fork in the Road coaching practice keeps her busy working with clients one-on-one and in groups on creating an authentically fulfilling life. In her personal time, Sheree and her cat Lotus work on their yoga poses. www.fork-road.com https://pg605.isrefer.com/go/scjts/ealb/

Marina Tselner

Marina Tselner

Marina Tselner is an artist & transformational art coach. She LOVES the connection between word & image, art & soul, creativity & medicine. Marina’s been painting, animating & teaching art for over 25 years. Her mission is to tell everyone about something called The Cosmic Smashbook – one of the most soul-satisfying art journaling techniques, especially awesome because it emphasizes the connection between art, spirituality, & deep healing. Known for her playful characters and colorful paintings, Marina’s classes are inspired by the Divine Feminine, and secrets of the universe according to Kabbalah and the time of year. You can follow her on Instagram @marina_art_heart

About Dr. Ellen Albertson

Known as The Midlife Whisperer™ Dr. Ellen is a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mindful Self-compassion Teacher, and author.

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