imgres-7What are you passionate about? Personally, I’m passionate about helping other women tap into their potential and find their passion. For me there’s nothing more fun and rewarding than supporting someone as she finds and follows her passion and steps into her brilliance!

We all want to find our passion—the thing we love to do that makes us feel vibrant and come alive. However, finding it can be frustrating and confusing especially at midlife. Who has the time to follow their passion when there are so many obligations to fulfill like earning a living, caring for growing kids and/or aging parents, saving money for retirement and college, staying healthy or simply getting dinner on the table!

The older you get the riskier and scarier following your passion feels. Finding your passion—your authentic self, the one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs—usually requires you to step outside your comfort zone and deal with your fears.

Not following your passion is far riskier. Passion is oxygen for the soul. If there’s no passion you feel dead because you aren’t really living. Even if your life is secure and prestigious, without passion you feel stuck, heavy and depressed. In contrast, acknowledging and following your deep longing (which is really your life force) for something more opens the way to joy, expansion and endless possibilities.

Today, right now you can get on the course to finding and following your passion. Here’s my roadmap to set your heart on fire.

Get Hungry
As women, we’re often scared of our hunger and passion for life, which is why we feed our frustrations by eating. Rather than stuffing your desires, create a desire to connect with your passion. Remind yourself that finding your passion is as effortless and easy as finding a good restaurant when you’re hungry. What you are seeking is already inside of you. 

Be Inspired
Surround yourself with people who are passionate about what they do. Spend time with them, and ask them how they found their passion. Read biographies or watch movies about people who lived passionate lives.

Write down all the things you love to do. Think about what you enjoyed doing as a child before you had responsibilities and obligations. What makes your heart sing? What are you naturally good at? Rather than censoring yourself explore all the possibilities. When your inner critic rears her head, remind yourself that you are here for a reason and have talents and gifts to share with the world.

Look over everything you’ve written down. Identify themes or threads that hold what you love to do together. Have fun! Personally, I love doing this with post-it notes in different colors to represent the various themes that emerge.

Ask yourself: Who is hungry for my talents and abilities. Reach out and connect with them. Have a conversation to discover how your passion can serve them and make the world a better place.

Say Hello to Fear
As you discover your passion and move forward in your life you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone, which will trigger fear. This is perfectly normal. We all have a boatload of fears—fear of embarrassing ourselves, feeling vulnerable, rejection, failure, success… Don’t let the fearful voices win. Usually what we fear most is exactly what we need to do to grow and glow. Remind yourself you’re safe and then “Just do it!” Following your passion will help you overcome the fears, beliefs and doubts that shadow you so you can step into your brilliance. (To read my blog on overcoming fear click HERE.)

For help finding your passion, click HERE and schedule a Complimentary Compass Session with me today!

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