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Flip the Script on Aging: Jackie Diaz

Aug 31, 2022

“Aging is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been.” -David Bowie

Anti-aging, forget about it. Pro-aging is the way to Rock Your Midlife. It’s a fresh concept rooted in radical self-acceptance that is gaining support as midlife women embrace who they are and carve out their own wellness path.

On Today’s show we’re going to flip the script on aging. We’re talking with blogger and pro-aging advocate, Jackie Diaz from Great Lakes Wellness, a modern health and wellness company and the first brand to launch powdered collagen in the U.S. As Jackie puts it, we’re giving aging the bird casting off negative attitudes towards aging and embracing your own wellness journey.

Rather than dreading or fearing aging we’re going to talk about how you can view it as a beautiful process and age boldly with grace and ease.

Here’s some of what we’re dishing about:

The difference between anti-aging and pro-aging
Key lifestyle changes to age well
The truth about midlife weight gain
How to generate a pro-aging mindset
What collagen is and the benefits of taking it
How to get on your healthy aging path and enjoy the journey

It’s going to be an inspiring show filled with tips and techniques to empower you to age well and feel good about your body and yourself!

More About My Guest

Jackie Diaz

Jackie Diaz

Jackie Diaz has worked in the marketing industry for over 2 decades in the health, wellness, and beauty space. As the Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager at Great Lakes Wellness, she’s helping to flip the script on negative attitudes towards aging and encouraging women to embrace their healthy aging journeys.

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