Wellbeing is your natural state of being. It  starts not by changing your external reality, but rather by first reaching for the feelings that you want to experience in your life. Once your choose to feel well everything on the outside will fall into place.

Here’s an easy way to boost your wellbeing today.

  • Choose a stone from the pile below.

  • Set an intention to manifest that feeling in your life.
  • Visualize feeling that way by imagining a situation in your past or future that triggers that emotion.
  • Notice where you feel the emotion you want in your body.
  • Carry that feeling with you all day long.
  • When you notice your energy has shifted to a lower vibration, reconnect with the feeling you want to experience.
  • Rinse and repeat

Be selfish enough to follow your bliss, and you will tap into the natural pure, positive essence of You.

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