Would you like a simplified life with less stuff and clutter? Me too.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to my first Five-day Declutter Challenge, because let’s face it, we all could use advice, motivation and strategies to lighten up.

It starts September 24th and is happening on my new private Facebook Group Dr. Ellen’s Midlife Mastermind. You can join HERE. I’m going to have on decluttering experts and enthusiasts (including the Declutter Diva!) to help you get organized and have more peace and clarity in your life.

I know myself, and de cluttering is not my forte. I have tons of fire energy. I love to create and typically stick things in drawers, closets or somewhere on my computer. And boy do I need a couple of days just to get organized.

Fall is the perfect time to declutter. We’re between summer, when we’re active and want to be outside, and winter before the holidays hit and we get extremely busy.

There are 3 great reasons to declutter:

  1. Decluttering is Energizing:

I’ve been helping many of my clients de clutter, and they share how much lighter and more vital they feel after taking a bag of stuff out to the trash or Goodwill. Looking at a closet that’s neat and drawers that are tidy makes you feel fantastic.

As my client Janet shared:

Wow, I just de cluttered a horribly overcrowded office.

It’s amazing the weight and heaviness and price one pays for living in clutter! Now that my table surface, book shelf surface and overwhelming number of books piled high in my office is now in harmony, I am amazed I allowed it to remain and feel heavy and chaotic

  1. Decluttering Boosts Confidence:

Looking in your closet and being able to quickly select the perfect outfit because you’ve cleared out all the things that no longer fit helps you to feel confident. Facing all the accumulate possessions also enables you to clear skeletons that you know you should deal with.

  1. Decluttering Makes You Happy

There’s a real sense of accomplishment and even joy that comes from getting organized and having only what you truly need. Plus, you feel good about donating what you don’t want to others.

So join me for this free five-day challenge. I promise it’s going to be fun and fulfilling. Every day I’ll share tips, techniques, and challenges that will motivate and inspire you to de clutter a small or larger area of your life, whichever you prefer. Plus, I’ve invited decluttering experts to help us all out.

All you need to do to be part of the challenge is to join my free private Facebook Group: Dr. Ellen’s Midlife Mastermind HERE. After you join the group, simply put your name in the comments box under the 5-Day Declutter Challenge, and I will personally tag you in all of my challenge posts.

Let’s work together to de clutter our lives so we can hit October with a clean slate, a cleaner closet, and an organized computer and phone.


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