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Happier & Healthier at Midlife: The Joy of Giving Back: Jordan Ashley

Nov 9, 2022

“Giving does not only precede receiving it is the reason for it. It is in giving that we receive.” -Isrealmore Ayivor


Giving really does make you happy. Studies have found that giving boosts physical and mental health. A part of your brain associated with satisfaction starts to fire when you give. Whether you volunteer for an organization, offer emotional support to loved ones, or donate to charities helping others is good for you. The health benefits of giving include lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less depression, lower stress, longer life, and greater happiness and satisfaction.

On today’s show we’re talking about giving to yourself and others. You’re going to meet a woman who will inspire you to give back and give to yourself by getting out your yoga mat. Her name is Jordan Ashley. She’s a yoga teacher, abuse survivor and founder of Souljourn Yoga, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness and funds for girls’ education through yoga retreats around the world.

Here’s some of what we’re dishing about:

  • Why giving back increases health, happiness, and joy
  • How to find your path to giving back
  • The benefits of yoga both on and off the mat for midlife women
  • What is self-less service
  • How midlife women can reinvent themselves and make a difference in the world

It’s going to be a powerful, positive life transforming show.

More About My Guests

Jordan Ashley

Jordan Ashley

While embracing New York City’s fast-paced yoga culture, Jordan Ashley recognized a need for a more service-based practice; a need for experiences which give perspective to the self through selflessness. Feeling extremely blessed to not only be given the opportunity for education but to have a voice in society, she felt it was imperative to raise both awareness and funds for girls all over the planet who are denied such essential human rights. Drawing on her experience of travel and being a full-time yoga teacher, she created Souljourn Yoga Foundation as an avenue for the practitioner who wants more than just “down dog” and to expand the need for equal education across the globe. Souljourn Yoga Foundation is a US 501(c)3 non-profit that raises awareness and funds for young women’s education and empowerment by using yoga as a platform for social activism. Featured in Forbes, Yoga Journal, the Los Angeles Times, New Balance, Reebok, the Evening Standard, Marie Claire UK, and more, Jordan is an activist, writer, yoga teacher, Tedx speaker, and PhD candidate.

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