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How to Positively Impact the Planet and Boost Your Wellbeing: Ed Begley Jr.

Jun 1, 2022

Be the change you want to see in the world.

With all the craziness and chaos in the world it’s easy to ask questions like: How can I make a difference? Where do I have power? What can I do, build, or create to have a positive impact on the planet?

The truth is: You are not powerless. You are the boss of your life. How you lead matters. How you talk about what matters to you makes a difference. Your words and actions are impactful.

As midlife women we impact multiple generations – grandkids, kids, peers, and parents

When you realize this and bring this awareness into every moment of life, you start to engage with your own personal power and agency in an entirely new way.

In this week’s show we’re going to share ways you can make a difference particularly on the environmental front. We’ll be talking to seven-time Emmy nominated actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. Ed will be sharing what each of us can do to start living more sustainably.

Plus, I’ll share how living more sustainably can also improve your health and wellbeing.

More About My Guests

Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley, Jr. is currently recurring on the CBS series YOUNG SHELDON and was recently a series regular on ABC’s BLESS THIS MESS and Netflix’s FUTURE MAN. He has also joined the cast for the reboot of the series, QUEER AS FOLK. On the environmental front, he is one of the foremost environmentalists in Hollywood, supporting and advocating for multiple eco-initiatives and charity organizations. He is also the name and face behind the successful BEGLEY’S EARTH RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTS, a line of plant-based eco-friendly cleaning and pet supplies. All products are available on Amazon.com, Walmart.com and soon to be available on Chewy.com. Begley is a Golden Globe and seven-time Emmy nominated actor who for decades, has been a champion and educator for causes dedicated to protecting the earth. In support of this work, he starred opposite his lovely wife and daughter on the hit eco-reality shows LIVING WITH ED and ON BEGLEY STREET. Inspired by the works of his Academy Award-winning father, Begley became an actor. He first gained major notoriety for his portrayal of Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the long-running television series, ST. ELSEWHERE for which he received six of his Emmy nominations. Since then he has moved easily between feature film, television, streaming and theatre. Begley has appeared in the Christopher Guest films A MIGHTY WIND, BEST IN SHOW and FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. Other feature film credits include BOOK CLUB, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, BATMAN FOREVER, THE ACCIDENTAL

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