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How to Rock Midlife Reinvention: Kitty Eisele & Wendy Battles

Aug 10, 2022

“And the Day Came When the Risk to Remain Tight in a Bud Was More Painful Than the Risk It Took to Blossom.” – Anais Nin

How do you reinvent yourself and blossom at midlife?

There are two ways: The first way is through action. You do it intentionally by stepping outside your comfort zone and learning or doing something new. The second way is by dealing with and learning from the curve balls life throws at you. Both ways empower you and help you to grow and glow.

On today’s show you’ll learn about how to reinvent yourself both ways from two amazing Women podcasters – Kitty Eisele and Wendy Battles. Kitty, an award-winning journalist, reinvented herself after becoming a caregiver for her father. Wendy, a true Reinvention Rebel, shares how she reinvented herself many times during her life including as a management consultant, voice actor, health coach and most recently as a podcast host.

Here’s what we’re dishing about:

The difference between courage and bravery
How to go from caterpillar to butterfly
Why self-compassion is both a parachute and life vest on your reinvention journey
What it’s like being a parent to your parent
The biggest challenges of being a caregiver
How you can give yourself permission to shine
How to kickstart midlife reinvention
Strategies to stay hopeful and energized during midlife

The biggest take-a-way…? Life is more of a spiral then a straight line with each new reinvention helping you to become more of yourself.


More About My Guests

Kitty Eisele

Kitty Eisele

Emmy Award-winning producer Kitty Eisele spent two decades at NPR, most recently as Supervising Senior Editor of Morning edition. Her radio work has been recognized with DuPont, Peabody and James Beard Awards. She began her career with Ken Burns, as one of the producers of his landmark series The Civil War for PBS. A 2014-2015 Nieman Fellow at Harvard, she has contributed to books, plays, digital series and live audience events on American history, culture, and politics, and her interviews and essays have appeared on NPR and in the Washington Post. Running through her work is the common denominator of sharing lives and shaping civic culture. Twenty-four Seven: A podcast about caregiving was inspired by her experience caring for her dad, Al Eisele, during the last years of his life.

Wendy Battles

Wendy Battles

Cybersecurity Awareness expert at Yale University by day, Wendy Battles pursues her passion for celebrating, illuminating and elevating older women, by night. As the host of the Reinvention Rebels podcast, Wendy interviews bold and unapologetic women, 50-90 years young, who have reinvented themselves later in life to see new possibilities. From traveling solo around the world with a carry-on bag at 60, to running in global marathons at 71, to launching a modeling career at 72, these women are bravely making their dreams a priority. Wendy shines a light on the notion that we can reinvent ourselves at any age or any stage and is helping to disrupt limiting beliefs about the value of aging women in our society. At 57, Wendy is a Reinvention Rebel herself, having reinvented herself many times during her life including as a management consultant, voice actor, and health coach. Her most recent reinvention as a podcast host is by far her most rewarding. Along her journey of greater self-awareness, she’s learned the art of living on purpose and embracing life with more joy, ease, and trust.

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Known as The Midlife Whisperer™ Dr. Ellen is a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mindful Self-compassion Teacher, and author.

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