imgres-10The Leap Year was created in 45 BC by Julius Caesar to balance the calendar. (It takes the earth 365.2422 days to orbit the sun.) The day provides marvelous energy that can catapult you forward as we move towards spring.

Leap is a verb, which literally means, “to jump or spring a long way, to a great height or with great force.” The extra day provides a unique opportunity to “leap” forward in your life. It’s like walking through a rare portal that only opens once every four years.

Take some time to connect with the energy of this day. Make a wish. Choose one thing that you want to leap forward with in your life. Consider how you can make more time, energy and space for what you want to create. Ask yourself: “What can I let go of?” Worry, fear, self-doubt, self-criticism, the need to control everything and everyone in your life? Then set an intention to create what you want.

Open up your awareness and connect with the deeper rhythm and flow of time. Take a leap of faith. Accept or trust in something that cannot readily be seen or proved. You just might tap into a new energy within your soul.

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