Do you have trouble making decisions and find that you’re always second-guessing yourself?  Then it’s time to listen to your heart. Your heart is that wise, intuitive voice that will always steer you in the right direction.

I know it sounds corny, but so often we get trapped by our thoughts and forget to listen to our emotions. It’s a common problem for women, especially at midlife, because we’re always putting everyone else first and so we don’t stop to consider our own needs. Listening to your heart is the essential for practicing self-compassion—treating yourself the way you would a good friend.

Here’s an easy exercise that will enable you to listen to your heart and help you with decision making.

1. Get Silent
Find a quiet, peaceful place and take a few calming breaths to center yourself.
2. Connect
images-1Place one or both hands over your heart to remind yourself to bring loving awareness to yourself and your experience. Feel your heart pumping. You’ll sync to the rhythm of its beat and be able to understand the messages your heart is transmitting to your brain.
3. Visualize
Imagine you are going down a road and the road splits. On the right is one choice on the left is the other. Visualize going down each path, and as you do so notice how you feel. The path that feels calm and balanced is the one you should take.

It takes courage (the word courage literally means a path with heart) to listen to and follow your heart, but doing so will always lead you in the right direction. When you ask your heart to guide you with love, honesty & responsibility you find peace of mind & your way. Trust your heart it’s wiser than your head.

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