Happy midsummer, time for expansion, renewal, and plenty of Vitamin D. How has your summer been going? I hope you’ve been celebrating life, having fun, enjoy friends and family and taking time to rest and rejuvenate.

Not only is midsummer a great time to recharge, it’s also a high energy, powerful period to reflect on how much you’ve grown. With only 5 months left until the end of the year, August is the perfect month to think about how far you’ve come towards reaching your goals and consider what you’ve learned so you can make adjustments to your plans and figure out your next steps.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a powerful 3-part journaling exercise that will help you create happiness, balance and abundance for the remainder of 2019.

Ask yourself these 3 questions and allow the answers to surface from a deep place inside of you.

  1. What am I looking to cultivate inside of myself for the rest of this year? Peace? Perfect Health, Harmony? Confidence? Energy? Vitality? Luck? Abundance? Security? Faith? Trust? Self-compassion? Self-love? Self-care?

Don’t over think it. Just write down a word or two or even an image that describes what it is you need to feel happy & whole.

  1. What am I looking to nurture and nourish in my relationships?

Consider what qualities you want to achieve in your relationships or the work that needs to be done for you to feel good about the relationships that are most important to you.

  1. What do I want to achieve with the work I am doing in the world?

Ask yourself: How can I create more love and harmony in the world and abundance and success for myself? What actions do I need to take to make a difference?

imgres-2Believe in yourself and keep working towards your goals and dreams. Give thanks for everything that’s blooming in your life. Be patient and give yourself permission to live in the moment without feeling guilty.

It’s summer and the fruit of your labor is still ripening. Life’s best gifts often take time to mature. If your plans seem to be moving slowly keep the faith. You may just think that things are going slower than they actually are.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Relax, rest and de-stress. Trust that harvest time is coming.

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