What’s wrong with living an average life? Absolutely nothing. You can be happy, successful and create abundance and an amazing life just living day-to-day, slowly chipping away at the projects that matter to you.

Try this three-step exercise from super coach Michael Neill and watch how average can add up to extraordinary.

  1. Pick an area of your life you’d like to excel at such as being a Mom, writing or being a top sales person.
  1. Ask yourself: What would an average day in this area look like?

Being a Mom: Focusing 100% on your kids for 30 minutes before school and 30 minutes after school.

Writing: Spending 30-60 minutes per day writing.

Sales: Talking to 5 new prospects a day.

  1. Take a look at how consistently repeating your “average day” would look over 3-months, 6-months and a year. In 3-months you’d spend 90 hours with your kids giving you an opportunity to really nourish and get to know them. 6 months of writing, 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week would add up to about 137 hours enough time to write a short book or lots of blog posts! And talking to 5 prospects a day over the course of a year would add up to about 1250 people a year.

So go on be average. Pick three small things today that make a positive difference on a project you care about or a direction you’re moving in. Do your best, repeat for as long as you like and watch your life move forward in a huge way!


You can be extraordinary, superpowers not required.




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