images-4It’s easy to forget the power of prayer until something happens to remind you.

Recently I had a prayer wake up call. My husband, Michael and I were about to sit down to a romantic Saturday night dinner when the phone rang. I almost didn’t answer it, but my intuition told me to pick up.

My daughter, Aly who’s been working on a food truck at music festivals across the Northeast this summer, was on the other end. She was hysterical and crying so hard that I barely understand her. I tried to calm her down. Just breath I urged her as I silently sent Reiki. She managed to hold it together enough to tell me:

All my belongs were stolen—my wallet, cell phone, tent, clothing… everything. All I have is the bathing suit I’m wearing, sandals and a towel!

Apparently someone had picked up her entire tent, as well as a co-workers, and everything in it.

Are you safe? I asked.

Yes, but I have nothing.

She then proceeded to beat herself up for leaving her belongings unattended while she went swimming in a nearby river.

Why is this happening to me?

What did I do to deserve this?

How am I going to pay for everything that was stolen?

Mom, do something.

I told her to take more deep breaths and a moment to practice self-compassion. Rather than diving right into the problem and trying to fix everything immediately, I encouraged her to be kind to herself.

You’re safe and everything is going to be okay, I told her. Once she’d regained her composure, we talked about what she needed do to recover her stuff—talk to the police and track her cellphone.

I hung up the phone relieved that she was safe and only 250 miles away instead of halfway around the world. The words of my own Mother echoed in my brain, “Little kids little problems, big kids, big problems.” I longed for the toddler years when all Aly needed to feel better was a cuddle and dose of distraction.

imgres-9The only thing I could do was pray.

I’ve been tapping into the power of prayer for over 25 years and realize that NOTHING is too trivial … or too big to pray for. And here’s the thing about prayer not only do you help the recipient, but by giving your problems over to God you feel better and grow in faith. As Larry Dossey author of Prayer is Good Medicine explains:

Prayer actually enlarges the reach of human consciousness. It is a way for us to transcend our physical limitations—to be nonlocal, like gods.

After praying for Aly’s wellbeing and asking for her belongings to be returned, I got on Twitter and asked my followers to please pray for her. The response was incredible. Dozens of people from all over the world started to pray.

About an hour later Aly called back. The thieves, probably scared by her beeping cellphone, had dumped all her belongings by the side of the road. The police traced her cellphone. Everything was recovered, even her wallet down to the last cent! Unfortunately, her friend’s belongs were never found.

Prayer is how we talk to God and tap into the power of Divine intervention. Almost 7 out of 10 Americans say they pray every day and only 6% report never praying. According to a Gallup poll the top five prayer topics are family wellbeing, thanks, forgiveness, emotional strength and personal peace.

It doesn’t matter what religion you are or your specific beliefs. Other than being human, you don’t need any credentials to talk to God. Regardless of how often you’ve prayed or what you’ve been taught about prayer, you can connect with Heaven.

Here are some tips to create a powerful prayer practice.

  1. Schedule

Set aside a part of each day and a special place that feels sacred to pray. Think of pray as time hanging out with God. You can use the time to ask for guidance (i.e. pray “Thy will be done” or “May the best thing happen.”) or something else for yourself or others. If you prefer just be in God’s presence.

  1. Inspire

Read a prayer or inspirational book such as the Bible or A Course in Miracles to help you feel inspired and connect with Spirit. One of my personal favorite “prayer books” is Change me Prayers by Tosha Silver.

  1. Quiet your mind

Before you start to pray spend a few minutes in meditation to calm and quiet your mind. You may find it helpful to follow your breath or focus on a word such as love or peace.

  1. Forgive

If you’ve been carrying around negative feelings about yourself unpack all that critical baggage before you start to pray. God sees you as whole and perfect so forgive yourself for anything you’re feeling bad about.

  1. Pray throughout the day

Say a prayer upon waking, before you go to sleep or before each meal.

Try setting a timer on your computer or phone to remind you to stop and take a prayer break. Alternatively you can pray in specific situations for example when you feel anxious, stressed, nervous, depressed or judgmental. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or like there’s nothing you can do you can pray. When you hear an ambulance drive by, see someone who’s sick or struggling or are moved by something terrible in the news you can pray.

  1. Say thank you

You may also want to offer a prayer of thanksgiving when you see something beautiful or witness a kind act. Research shows that gratitude can strengthen your immune system; lower blood pressure; increase optimism, generosity and compassion and decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation. Gratitude also appears to stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for regulating stress and producing pleasure. For more on the power of gratitude click HERE.

imgres-10When and however you choose to pray just do it! Prayer will set your mind at ease, help you on your journey and change your life. I promise.

Have a prayer request? Click HERE and let me know. I’d be honored to pray for you.



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