Reiki 2

Expand your healing abilities and explore how Reiki can reduce stress, relieve pain, balance emotions, and facilitate personal healing and spiritual growth. Based on the understanding that all conditions of imbalance are rooted in the human energy field, Reiki addresses underlying energetic patterns to create wellbeing and reconnect you with your ability to heal yourself, others, and animals. In Reiki 2, you will:

  • Learn three ancient Reiki symbols and mantras and discover how to apply them for empowerment
  • Learn to access cellular memory to heal challenging emotional situations
  • Receive the Reiki 2 attunement
  • Discover how to offer Reiki to people and situations at a distance.

You will receive a Reiki 2 certificate upon completion, along with a Reiki 2 notebook.

Prerequisite Reiki 1 certification from any teacher and lineage; no proof of certification required.

Cost $175

Next class is scheduled for Sunday, June 9th from 1-5 pm at 137 North Twin Oaks Terrace in South Burlington. To register contact me HERE

Ellen Albertson, PhD, RDN, CD, CPHWC is a Reiki Master, Psychologist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Professional Health & Wellness Coach and Mindful Self-compassion teacher. An expert on wellbeing, Ellen has appeared on Extra, the Food Network and NBC World News and has been quoted in Psychology Today, Eating Well, Reader’s Digest, and USA Today. She has written for SELF, Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping. She brings 25 years of counseling, coaching, and Reiki experience to her teaching and healing practice.

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