images-1One of the best ways to grow your spirit is to face your fears by doing things that scare you. Whether it’s speaking in public or speaking your mind; cliff jumping, skydiving or rocking climbing; volunteering to be a leader or changing a flat tire, doing what scares you, builds confidence and creates opportunities to grow and glow. Plus, it generates EXHILARATION, that fabulous feeling of happiness, excitement and bliss that makes you feel like you can conquer anything.   So step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. For the next 30 days commit to doing one thing each day that scares you. To start make a list of things you can do to face and break through your fears. Here are some examples:   Make a tough decision when it comes to___ Dare to___ Ask___ for help Call or make a date with ____ Say no to__ Say yes to___ Stop avoiding__ Surrender to__ Talk to___ Take a chance on___ Visit a__ Have the courage to___ Travel to___ Give away____ Let go of___   Still scared of facing your fears? Here are a few tips to conquer them.  
  • Journal
Write about what you are afraid of, what’s held you back and times you’ve successfully faced your fears. Then reflect on what you’ve written. You’ll discover writing your fears down loosens their grip.  
  • Relax
Stress and fear often are linked so learning to relax can help you calm yourself when you’re afraid. imgres-6 Soften the parts of your body throughout the day that tense in the face of fear such as your jaw, shoulders and neck. Find activities that help you reduce stress and learn breathing techniques such as Three Deep Breaths that help you stay calm.  
  • Get inspired
Read about women who conquered their fears and succeeded. Good examples include: J.K. Rowling (She received loads of rejections prior to publishing the Harry Potter Series), Sophia Vergara (She thought people would hate her character Gloria on “Modern Family.”) and Julia Roberts who was scared of public speaking.  
  • Stay positive and believe in your self
Be the author of your own story. See life as a creative, positive, fun adventure. Stay present and take in your amazing journey.   Need help conquering fear, generating a sense of limitless possibility and stepping into your greatness. Click HERE to schedule a complimentary Compass Session.

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