Meditate Lose Weight

Fad diets… fail. Counting calories…fail. Soul crushing workouts… fail, fail, fail! Sound familiar? Want to slim down without all the pain, suffering and denial that dieting requires? Then try a weight loss practice with extra benefits that’s...

Dealing with Holiday Stress

Have you ever wished you could skip December and the holidays? Well, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted by Think Finance, 45% of Americans would rather avoid the holiday season than endure the emotional, physical and monetary stress it delivers. For...
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome!

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome!

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud or fake? No matter how much you do or progress, no matter how many people say you’re amazing or how hard you try you fear you will be unmasked as a phony.   You’re not alone. Many of us, especially people who grow up in families...
6 Ways to Deal with Worry

6 Ways to Deal with Worry

I’m enjoying the last few weeks of summer before it’s time to plunge into the fall. With two kids off to college and a packed calendar that includes a Self-love Challenge starting September 2nd (you can join HERE,) I’m using a variety of tools to stay positive and...

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