When life gets heavy, harmonize the dance of your life with the song in your heart and flow with grace, beauty and ease.

It’s hard to believe that October is here and we are entering the final quarter of 2019.

How are you feeling? What has been showing up for you?

More and more, I’ve been processing difficult emotions AND experiencing new flavors of positive emotions. I’ve been slowing down, stepping back and tuning in to my inner guidance system. It’s not easy. By nature I move fast, and years of academics (I have more degrees than a thermometer.) coupled with a desire to please others and be perfect taught me to listen to my head not my heart.

What I’m learning is that listening to your heart is the key to true, lasting happiness which is harder to come by these days. Plus, it’s way more interesting, powerful and magical than listening to your head. However, when you ignore your inner wisdom (especially after you ask for guidance) sometimes the Universe hits you in the head with a two-by-four to get your attention.

Recently my coach suggested I stop posting so much and only share to my social media channels when I had divine guidance and something that contained my vibe. Did I listen? Nope. So the Universe shut me down. I was completely blocked from Facebook for a week.

It was a great lesson, so this week I’m listening. (Ironically, my Beau hung this poster a week before the Facebook incident.)

Years ago my beloved therapist, Carol told me that once you get through menopause there is a new clarity. It’s like the tide is coming into the beach, washing away what once was, allowing you to transcribe a new chapter in the sand.

Perspective changes at midlife giving rise to deeper wisdom. You move from mindlessly drifting through life to mindful gratitude for life. The awareness that you’re running out of time sharpens the senses. There’s a desire to experience more and figure out who you are even if it means falling, failing and disappointing others. As you follow the treasure map towards authenticity trinkets of insight guide you.

As a transformational life coach who’s helped hundreds of women reboot at midlife, what I’ve come to realize is that we’re taught to strive for perfection, put others first and chase cultural equations for success. So rather than listen to our inner wisdom we heed our inner critic and people pleaser and follow a cookie cutter recipe for happiness.

Your life may look pretty good on the outside, but if you’re not living your truth inside you feel dead, stuck and dissatisfied. You wonder what’s next? You long to do things that are unconventional, adventurous and exciting, but lack clarity and the courage (literally a path with heart) to work through fear that this new path triggers.

Not to scare you from personal coaching to transform your life, but it can be terrifying. You may have a point Z in mind, but generally you can only see a couple of steps ahead. Hello faith and trust.

Pre midlife happiness is an outside job and comes from obtaining that new house, spouse, car, job or … At midlife happiness comes from within and is generated by choosing joy and being in alignment with your true self and calling. In a Law of Attraction Spiral, these new, delicious emotions give rise to new experiences and opportunities that yield more positive emotions that are peaceful and lasting.

But you have to slow down and listen. Wisdom doesn’t show up when you’re driving 65 MPH, while gabbing on your phone and gobbling junk food. You can’t order up wisdom like a Big Mac. It shows up when you least expect it in those quiet moments when you’re mopping the floor.

So as we start a new month and quarter, I encourage you to listen to your heart and make some changes. (Need help? Click HERE to apply for a Clarity Call.)  Stick with it. Your fear will morph into exhilaration and you will start to experience joy and satisfaction that’s a completely different animal than the happiness you felt in your 20s and 30s.

Here are some specific ways to help you listen and create a more joyful path.

Focus within

There’s so much distraction that in order to access inner guidance and higher frequencies you have to say NO to overload, overstimulation and overwhelm. Focus within. Turn your cellphone off. Seek silence. Take a walk in the woods. Meditate in the morning! Really it’s the best time to quiet your mind and listen to your inner wisdom. Even 5 minutes will change the tone of your day. Things will flow more easily, and you’ll start to see the thread of spiritual connection running through your life.

Allow the past to pass

Unless you hold on to it and allow it to run and ruin your life, your past doesn’t determine your future. Bury what’s not serving you. Forgive, learn and let go. Choose to act in alignment with what you truly desire. Be free by becoming fully present NOW, in this moment.

Focus on your future

Spend time everyday visualizing exactly what you want. Imagine it fully and feel the feelings that you’ll have when you receive what you want. It’s actually the feelings that you are seeking. Not sure how to figure out what you want? Click HERE to apply for a clarity call.


You can’t hear the Universe if your life is gummed up with too much stuff. Downsize and declutter. Less is more. I know. Thanks to my divorce, I traded a 5000 square foot house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to clean, a lawn to mow and a driveway to plow for a 900 square foot apartment that requires 30 minutes of work a week! While it was hard to let go, I am much happier and have more space and time for what matters to me.

Stop trying to please others

Your people pleaser was put in place to protect you. Now that you’re an adult you don’t need her anymore. You can only please and make yourself happy, so stop trying to appease everyone else and do more of what makes you happy.

Act from compassion and service

Service is at the core of being a soul having a human experience. We all have this opportunity to be of service in a way we love and enjoy. Not sure how to serve? Follow your passions. Cultivate play, joy and creativity and do what inspires you. Give yourself permission to shine your light.

Be grateful for everything

Those difficulties and traumatic experiences you’ve been going through… that pain is someone else’s medicine. Quit complaining. We all struggle and make mistakes. It’s part of the human condition. Practice self-compassion and reframe your struggles as divine discomfort pointing to areas you can grow in. When you observe yourself and hold those painful parts you can heal and embody more of your truth. Use what you’re going through to facilitate transformation in others. Take what you’ve learned and teach someone else how to get out of the tiger pit.

Stay grounded

There’s a lot of chaos and pain in the world these days. You don’t have to flow with it. Choose to be grounded, centered and peaceful. This is key to staying balanced so you can hear inner guidance, shine your light and be the change you wish to see in the world. It doesn’t mean you ignore the terrible things that are happening in the world. Instead recognize what’s troubling you and figure out how to act to make a difference.

Honor Your JOurneY

As we continue the transition from summer to fall to winter, take time to appreciate how far you’ve come this year. All the struggles and challenges have brought you to this exact point. It’s a new beginning. Honor that you’ve grown and morphed.  Be honest with yourself, and listen to your inner guidance around what you now want to focus on manifesting next.


Trust the inspiration and intuition that you continuously receive. Stop thinking about it and start acting on it. Have faith in your abilities and go for what you want. If you don’t think you have what you need figure out what you need to do to learn to get to the next level.

And listen closely. The Universe is ALWAYS speaking to you … dropping off breadcrumb trinkets to guide and support you. Are you listening?

Need help listening to your heart and finding the courage to move forward? Click HERE to apply for a Clarity Call.

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