Cold (as in 12° F) and grey, it’s a typical January day here in Vermont where I live. The universe loves contrasts, so the dark chill provides a perfect opportunity to generate sunshine and warmth.
Whatever the weather you’re experiencing, you can warm up the world and yourself by sending out positive energy. Radiating light and love dissolves fear and sadness and allows you to make the most of your day.
Here are some ways to generate light and love:

• Set an intention today to be positive.
• Be kind to yourself. Stay in, drink tea, read a good book, take a long bath….
• Start sentences with words like, “YES”, “I’d love to” or “How can I help you?”
• Express thanks, gratitude and appreciation. Don’t just think it, say it!
• Smile (For more on how smiling can shift your mood click HERE.)
• Let negative thoughts, worry & anger go.
• Open your heart to those around you.
• Give someone a hug. You’ll generate OXYTOCIN the powerful chemical of care & connection.
• Refrain from complaining.
• Be nice rather than critical or argumentative.
• Imagine warm light radiating from your heart out into the world.
• Practice loving kindness mediation.

Which will you choose today? Please let me know. It warms my heart to hear how others are warming the world.

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