imgres-11Every year our neighbors throw a huge summer solstice party. We eat barbecue, walk barefoot, listen to live music, dance, build a bonfire and light fireworks. It’s a great time and fabulous way to commemorate the official start of summer. The yearly ritual reminds me to spread light and love and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Solstice is a powerful time where the sun literally stands still. (The word solstice comes from two Latin words sol, which means sun and sistere meaning to make stand.) People have been celebrating the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, for thousands of years. Our ancestors recognized the life giving power of the sun and built amazing structures, like the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge, in which to hold solstice rituals.

Whatever you are working on in your life you have a great opportunity today to use solar energy to prepare for major growth and movement in your life. I know what you may be thinking: Change is challenging especially at midlife. It’s easy to feel stuck, like you don’t have the energy to unleash the power within. But that stuck feeling is a signal that it’s time to harness energy and transform so you can make your next chapter your best chapter.

Whether you want to shift your energy so you feel more vital or connect with your passion and purpose, today’s the day to do it. By listening to your heart and aligning it with your life and vision you can step into your brilliance like never before and make this your best summer ever.

If you’ve been feeling stressed or overwhelmed with the busyness of your life today’s a great day to have a breakthrough and break free from old patterns, habits and beliefs. Rather than projecting negative feelings when you get emotionally triggered or blaming others for how you feel, take responsibility for creating a life you love.

Here are some tips to use the solstice to power up your life and create positive change so you can live your truth and do more of what you love.

• Meditate on the life giving power of the sun. Be still and connect with the energy in your own heart and the energy of the Universe.

• Radiate that light out into the world. Send blessings and healing energy to those who need it. (Click HERE for my practice “Radiate Love”.)

• Focus on what you’ve completed over the last 6 months, and give thanks for the abundance in your life.

• Ask yourself: What old patterns, stories and relationships no longer serve me? What’s holding me back? Be very clear about what you want to release, and set an intention to let it go this summer.

• Try this journaling exercise:

Imagine the sun is shining and you are relaxed, happy and peaceful.

List the top 10 things that would make this your best summer ever — reading, going to the beach, hiking, kayaking, visiting the farmer’s market…

Now write 3 easy to do actions (big or small) that you can do TODAY that will move you closer to your best summer ever.

Summer is short so don’t forget to celebrate and use today’s energy to grow, evolve and create positive change.

Need help making this an amazing summer? I’m a transformational life coach and I’d love to help you. Contact me HERE to schedule a complimentary Clarity Coaching Session.

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