My son Marcus has been studying music and playing in bands throughout his childhood. No matter whom he’s performing with, the band members always take a few minutes to tune their instruments prior to the concert so that everyone is in synch. Once that place of harmony is reached the music flows beautifully. 

It’s the same way in your life. If you want your day to be harmonious and flow with grace and ease you have to take a few moments before you start your day to synchronize yourself.

How you begin your day determines how your day flows. Start your day with the intention to be joyful, happy, and loving and you will engage those positive emotions for the next 16 hours. Start your day grumpy, sad, and miserable cursing your alarm clock as you think: “Oh crap, it’s another day I have to get up, I hate my life…!” and you’ll feel depressed, stressed and blue all day long.

When you wake up in the morning, before all those haphazard thoughts, worries and fears flood your brain, there is a brief period of peace. This instant provides a clear, clean slate where you can set your intention for that day. During this moment you have a wonderful opportunity to attune yourself so your day is harmonious rather than dissonant.

So starting tomorrow as soon as you wake up (yes, even prior to peeing) before the rush of thoughts overwhelm you, lie in bed and ask yourself: What is most important to me today? How do I want to feel today, and what do I want to experience? Let the positive thoughts and emotions come to you.  Then imagine yourself experiencing these wonderful feelings. Use all your senses and engage your body, mind, heart and spirit. Give yourself the gift of feeling good, happy, peaceful… whatever you need and want that day.

Make this a daily ritual to ignite self-care, self-love and self-compassion. Do this every day and notice what happens. I promise you will see significant positive changes in your life. You’ll literally stop getting up on the wrong side of the bed. By starting your day feeling good you’ll interrupt that habitual negative spiral. All the usual, stressful, destructive thoughts, beliefs and ideas won’t even have a chance to start. By setting an intention to feel fabulous you will insert the vibratory state you wish to experience and your entire day will flow harmoniously.

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