Ready to create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life after 50?

Here’s what you want to do to make your next chapter your best chapter…

Grab my “10 Tips to Rock Your Midlife” to move your life in a new direction and finally love the most important person in your world more…. Yes, that’s YOU! 

  • You are worthy and deserve to focus on what brings you joy and makes you feel energized, confident, and amazing.
  • But figuring out HOW to make that happen can be confusing and overwhelming – especially as you navigate the complexities of midlife like menopause, relationship dynamics, and finding work-life balance.
  • Start with any of my 10 tips and let the tools, ideas, and strategies work their magic.

It is possible and can be simpler and easier than you think.

Hey, I’m Dr. Ellen and my dream is for women over 50 to learn to love and value themselves and optimize their wellbeing so they feel confident, healthy, and happy.

I believe it’s time to rebrand midlife – not as a time of crisis or the wrong side of 50 – but as a time of transformation where you get to reinvent yourself and create a fabulous next chapter. (It is possible!)

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